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Ordination at Adhisthana

Five Public Ordinations took place at Adhisthana Retreat Centre near Ledbury, including one woman from the Cambridge Sangha.

Imogen Tennison becomes Vimaladipa (long final “i” and long final “a”), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is a lamp of the stainless”. Registered spelling: Vimaladipa. Private Preceptor Viryajyoti

Her Public Preceptor was Padmasuri.

A New Centre Manager for the Cambridge Buddhist Centre

We're delighted to announce that we have a new Centre Manager - Abhayamati is stepping into the post and will be working full-time for the team from 31st May.

I personally am very pleased about this. Abhayamati will bring a depth of experience, both spiritual and organisational, to the role. I anticipate that the team is going to continue to flourish with Abhayamati at the helm. I wish him all happiness and satisfaction in the role.

On behalf of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre Council


Becoming Centre Manager, I feel fortunate to have such a... Read More

Abhayamati painting

A New Chair for the Cambridge Buddhist Centre

The responsibility of choosing a new chair for Cambridge Buddhist Centre has been one of the weightiest tasks that our current Council has had to undertake - and we would like to thank all those Order Members who have participated by contributing comments, which have been an invaluable part of the process.   

Consequently, we are now delighted to announce that by a unanimous decision the Council has appointed Vidyasakhi as the new Chair.  A great deal of confidence and goodwill has been expressed in Vidyasakhi during this process and we wish her well as she prepares to take up the... Read More


Padmasambhava Painting Fundraiser

Local Buddhist artist, Ahimsaka, has kindly offered a high resolution digital copy of his painting of Padmasambhava to help raise funds.

To own your copy, please make a donation of more than £10 HERE, and we will send you a high-resolution copy to download.


Access To The Centre During December

At our recent AGM there was a heartfelt request for Order Members and mitras to be able to come to the Centre over the coming weeks. We can really understand how important it feels to many of you to be able to connect with our beloved building; to make shrines and perform acts of devotion there in the context of our shared history and vision.

The Centre Team is, however, not in a position to make that possible in the coming weeks. We simply don't have the resources or, as it were, infrastructure to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the space that would be required in... Read More

Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Launch of the Dana Economy

Based on the enthusiastic response and helpful feedback we have received from our recent Sangha Night talk, we are excited to announce that we will be launching the Dana Economy, a community based on generosity, on Sangha Day. Such a transformative move for the Centre will encourage all of us to engage in a vibrant community, giving freely in whatever way we can, so that we can share the Dharma with all.

Sangha Day

Jnanavaca to give a talk at Sangha Night

We are delighted to welcome Jnanavaca - our President, and a Public Preceptor - to join us for Sangha Night on Tuesday 1st September, to give a talk. Full details can be found HERE. Curious about Sangha Night? Read about what we do HERE.


A message from the Council

Dear friends,
In these uncertain times, and with our Centre having been physically closed for more than three months now, it is natural for there to have been questions about the Centre’s financial health. Many of you will also be aware that the Centre has been receiving funds under the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (commonly known as furloughing), and may have questions about that. We hope to give you below some idea of the situation.
The first thing to say is that the Centre is not in any immediate financial danger. Sangha members, and many... Read More

A message from the Council

Free Buddhist artwork for Buddha Day

Local Buddhist artist, Saddharaja - whose 'The Tibetan Wheel of Life' is available to download HERE - is offering his latest artwork - 'The Attack of Mara' - free, to mark the traditional annual Buddha Day festival. The scene depicts a decisive moment in the Buddha's Enlightenment, where he symbolically overcame the forces of negativity and limitation and called forth the Earth Godess to testify to his right to become a fully Enlightened, liberated human being.

You can download your high resolution copy of the artwork... Read More

Attack of Mara

Tibetan Wheel of Life fundraiser

Local Buddhist artist, Saddharaja has just completed a new drawing of 'The Tibetan Wheel of Life' and is offering a high resolution copy for download to raise funds for the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. Watch a video of Saddharaja talking about the work. You can download your copy HERE.

Wheel of life