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Jnanavaca becomes our new President

Jnanavaca, who has been the Chair of the London Buddhist Centre, has now been appointed our new President. As President he will act as a friend and teacher to the Sangha and a guide and support to the Centre Team and the Triumvirate (of Viryajyoti, Arthasiddhi and Vidyasakhi).

About Jnanavaca

After graduating in physics from Wadham College, Oxford, Jnanavaca worked for Marks & Spencer in Information Technology. His growing interest and involvement in Buddhism led him to leave his management career of 10 years and start working for the London Buddhist Centre (LBC) in 1997... Read More


Ceremony to mark Ratnaghosha stepping down as Chair

On 9th July, a large gathering celebrated Ratnaghosha to mark his stepping down as Centre Chairman. Our new President, Jnanavaca, was present, as were the 'Triumvirate' of Arthasiddhi, Vidyasakhi and Viryajyoti who are jointly taking on the mantle.

You can view photographs of this lovely occasion HERE.


Ordination of Anantamati and Sarvajit

We are very pleased to announce that we now have two new Order Members from the Cambridge Sangha.

Jan Osborne, who is currently on her three month ordination course, has been given the name Anantamati which means 'she who has a boundless or infinite mind or intelligence; she who has a sky-like mind' and John Turner, currently on his four month ordination course, has been given the name Sarvajit which means 'he who is all-conquering, all-surpassing'. Come to welcome them both back on 30 July - more... Read More

Tai Chi is as good for you as vigorous exercise

The BBC's 'Trust me, I'm a doctor' set out to discover whether Tai Chi is as good for you as vigorous exercise. They ran a series of tests on present Michael Mosley as well as two test groups, one of which did zumba and the other Tai Chi.

View this three minute clip.

"As might be expected, our Zumba group were all fitter after 12 weeks. Their blood vessels were more elastic and their blood pressure had dropped. Their blood results improved in line with people undertaking an exercise regime.

More... Read More

Trust me, I'm a Doctor Tai Chi