Introducing Buddhism is a six week course that helps you to discover the Buddha's insights and how they can be applied to our everyday lives.

The Buddhism Level 2 course is a comprehensive follow-on course to Introducing Buddhism. There are six modules which together comprise a one year course. You can do any or all of the modules, provided you have completed the Introducing Buddhism course.



Learn to Meditate is a six week course that introduces you to two meditation practices: the mindfulness of breathing, that steadies and calms the mind; and the metta bhavana, which helps to cultivate warm, kindly feelings towards ourselves and others.

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Tai Chi

Videos are available via the Abhayamati Tai Chi YouTube page. Step by step written instructions are included here. All are a support for those who have been taught the exercises by Abhayamati as part of our Tai Chi courses and are not intended as an alternative to personal instruction.

Detailed form instructions for students of Abhayamati for the first part of the Tai Chi form.

Women Training for Ordination


Please print and fill in this form and bring it with you to the first class.