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Our first in-person retreat for almost two years!

This weekend saw 46 people enjoy a weekend retreat at Vajrasana Retreat Centre, in the Suffolk countryside.

It was our first in-person retreat since February 2020 and our first retreat to be run on a 'dana' generosity basis (you can find out more about what dana is HERE).

If you feel inspired to come on a retreat, and you have already learnt to meditate with us, why not come on our non-residential retreat, from 27 to 30 December (more HERE).

Retreat December 2021

Amber Badyari joins our Yoga Teaching Team

Amber has been practicing yoga for 50 years(!) and we warmly welcome her as a yoga teacher at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre from January 2022.

Amber's bio

I purchased my first book on yoga when I was 11 years old, inspired by a great Aunt who was a Vegan. At 16 I found my first yoga class at the local Sports Centre after being advised by an osteopath to give up gymnastics due to an injury. In 1994 I started my training as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher in London and took my assessment at the Maida Vale Institute in 1997.

Meanwhile, I taught yoga at the Croydon Buddhist Centre... Read More

Covid safety at Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Since re-opening in July 2021, our highest priority has been to ensure we are providing a setting where the risk of Covid is reduced as much as possible.

We have introduced Covid safety measures, including improving ventilation in rooms, as well as installing two state-of-the-art air purifiers with HEPA filters. We have also reduced room capacities and we continue to ask that no one attend the Centre if they are at all unwell.

From 10th December 2021, the government is requiring everyone who attends indoor settings to wear a mask, unless they have a medical exemption, or... Read More

Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Ordinations at Adhisthana

We are delighted to announce that the ordinations of the following women took place at Adhisthana on 29th September 2021.

Linda Diver becomes Tejodhi (long ‘i’), a Sanskrit name meaning She who has Energy and Wisdom.
Registered spelling Tejodhi. Private preceptor Sunetri.

Linda Oliver becomes Jayamoksini (dot under the ’s’, long ‘i’), a Sanskrit name meaning She who is liberated through Victory.
Registered spelling Jayamoksini. Private preceptor Sunetri.

Their welcome back event will be taking place at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre on Saturday 6 November,... Read More

An update on our Phone Appeal

Our phone appeal team of (clockwise from right) Jane, Eileen, Jacqui, Priyadaka, and Kalyanadhi spent the evenings last week calling around our sangha...and what a response we had! So many lovely chats and connections and a fantastic response of financial generosity to support the Centre. We were also fueled by the generosity of Vimalabandhu, Holly, and Liz who cooked delicious meals for us, a very big thank you to them!!

So far the appeal has raised additional monthly donations that add up to £7,750 a year! An amazing response! Many people are having a think about what they'd like... Read More

Dana Kula

Visiting the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in person

Updated September 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming more people to the Buddhist Centre. To help make this transition a smooth experience for everyone we have in place some simple measures.

For the time being, class sizes will be smaller than usual, which may mean you will need to book ahead for some events. All rooms will be well ventilated and we also have two air purifiers with HEPA filters. We ask that everyone wears a mask in communal areas, where possible. Hand sanitiser is available. Do not attend the Buddhist Centre if you are at all unwell.

Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Ordinations at Adhisthana

We are delighted to announce that the public ordinations of the following two women from the Cambridge Sangha took place at Adhisthana on the 29th June 2021:

Leah Cooper becomes Kiranadhi, (dot under the ’n’ and long second ‘i’), a Sanskrit name meaning She whose Wisdom shines like a Moonbeam. Private preceptor Vajrasara

Lena Milosevic becomes Akasarani (long first, second and fourth ‘a’. accent over the ’s’, dot under the ’n’ and long ‘i’), a Sanskrit name meaning Queen of Space.
Private preceptor Samacitta

They will be welcomed back as part of our event on... Read More

Vidyasakhi becomes Chair of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre

On Saturday 26 June Jnanavaca, our President, ritually marked Vidyasakhi becoming the Chair of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre and handed her our new symbol of office.

In her first address as Chair of the Centre, Vidyasakhi said:

"I want the Centre to be a shining light, I want the light of the Dharma to shine very brightly here at Cambridge Buddhist Centre so that those who haven't already connected with the Dharma know where to come and can avail themselves of this precious gift that we have all been blessed with. I've been really so struck over the last few weeks and months... Read More

Ordinations at Vajrasana

We are very happy to announce the public ordinations of the following 2 men from the Cambridge Sangha at Vajrasana on 29 May.

Stephen Powell becomes Manjunara, meaning "Gentle, beautiful, charming man".
Private preceptor: Keturaja

Martin Payne becomes Akashasiddhi (long first and second a), meaning "One whose accomplishment is the unbounded nature of the awakened mind".
Private preceptor: Prasannavira

Public preceptor: Arthapriya

Ordinations at Taraloka

We're very happy to announce that ten public ordinations took place at Taraloka on 23 May, with two women from the Cambridge Sangha being ordained.

Mary Allen from Cambridge becomes Sammudita (a long final "a"), a name meaning “She who delights (in the Dharma).” Registered spelling: Sammudita. Private Preceptor: Candraprabha.

Christiane Meckseper from Cambridge becomes Dayanita (a long second and final "a", a long "i"), a name meaning “She who is guided by compassion.” Registered spelling: Dayanita. Private Preceptor: Aryajaya. 

Public preceptor for all: Subhadramati... Read More