News / Vidyasakhi becomes Chair of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre

On Saturday 26 June Jnanavaca, our President, ritually marked Vidyasakhi becoming the Chair of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre and handed her our new symbol of office.

In her first address as Chair of the Centre, Vidyasakhi said:

"I want the Centre to be a shining light, I want the light of the Dharma to shine very brightly here at Cambridge Buddhist Centre so that those who haven't already connected with the Dharma know where to come and can avail themselves of this precious gift that we have all been blessed with. I've been really so struck over the last few weeks and months by the women and men from Cambridge who have been ordained during this pandemic. Never has the movement been so resourceful, so selfless and imaginative in the way that they've put together those ordination retreats. I've been bowled over by it. And the women have come back shining, radiant, inspired and that's the light that I mean, that we need to cherish and cultivate amongst ourselves. That's the light of the Bodhicitta and it's real."

This was also our first proper hybrid event that we've run with people attending both in person and online on Zoom.