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Tai Chi is as good for you as vigorous exercise

The BBC's 'Trust me, I'm a doctor' set out to discover whether Tai Chi is as good for you as vigorous exercise. They ran a series of tests on present Michael Mosley as well as two test groups, one of which did zumba and the other Tai Chi.

View this three minute clip.

"As might be expected, our Zumba group were all fitter after 12 weeks. Their blood vessels were more elastic and their blood pressure had dropped. Their blood results improved in line with people undertaking an exercise regime.

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Trust me, I'm a Doctor Tai Chi

What is going on?

It seems increasingly hard to make sense of our fast changing world.

Meditation gives us tools to change our outlook and Buddhism gives us a perspective to make sense of what we see and feel.

How to Meditate is a practical day workshop introducing us to meditation.

What is Buddhism? gives us a road map to the main teachings of the Buddha.

Both are at weekends, so they are ideal if your life is full enough... Read More

Who hates the metta bhavana?

A new course for anyone who would love to love the metta bhavana (loving kindness) meditation.

Over five weeks we’ll be unlearning our unhelpful metta bhavana habits and attitudes, and seeking to approach the practice as if for the first time, and in a way that is relaxed, non-judgemental and grounded. 

View the course details HERE.

Saturday yoga drop-in break

Dhiyampati's Saturday morning yoga drop-in will be having a break on 6th or 27th October. The drop-in will run on 13th and 20th October and from 3rd November onwards.

More about the drop-in.

Fundraising Concert

Join us for an exciting concert that brings together some of the finest classical and jazz musicians in the Triratna Community.


Schubert with Ratnadhya

Manidhara singing some of our founder Sangharakashita’s poems, accompanied by local composer and pianist Akashadeva

Ratnadhya’s gifted musical parodies

Yashodaka’s five piece jazz group 'Change of Sky'.

In aid of the Abhayaratna Trust.

More more information and to book, click HERE.

Dance Event - Lola Maury: Figurines

Saturday 10th November

A mesmerising, ritualistic and meditative journey that invites you to get back into your body.

We are delighted to play host to Lola Maury, a choreographer from France, who will be performing a dance piece at the Buddhist Centre. There will be two performances; one at 3.30pm and one at 5pm, both are followed by an optional led meditation.

View and book for the 3.30pm performance HERE.

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