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Ordination News

Congratulations to all new dharmacharinis who were ordained at Tiratanaloka recently!

From the Cambridge sangha, we delight in the ordination of Subhadarsa (accent above each ‘s’, long final ‘a’), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who sees beauty” (ex-Jules Smart).

Also ordained, is Srigarbha (accent above the ‘s’, long ‘i’ and long final ‘a’), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is gloriously radiant from her very core (ex-Helen Bond).

Please do join us for their welcome back on Sunday the 5th of November, from 10.30 to 12.00 am.

Absolutely fantastic news!

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Ashtanga yoga practitioners group

We are a friendly group of Ashtanga yoga practitioners who meet twice a week to practice together in the Centre's beautiful bodywork studio. As a self-practice community, we aim to support each other in our yoga journeys, as we move through the Ashtanga sequence at our own pace in time with our breath. If you are familiar with the Ashtanga sequence and are looking for a space to practice, you are welcome to join us!

We meet every Wednesday and Friday at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, from 7-9am. Practitioners are welcome to start their practice at any time so long as they are... Read More

Ashtanga yoga practitioners group

Ordination News!

Dear Sangha members, 

We are delighted to announce that Jules Smart and Helen Bond have both been invited to an Ordination retreat!

We will ritually send off them to their ordination retreat on Friday the 22nd of September from 7.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

It is so delightful to witness our friends as they move toward ordination and their retreat will take place at Tiratanaloka from 2 October.

Let’s send them off to their retreat on a cloud of metta and mudita.

We look forward to welcoming back Siladhi (ex-Preeti Warhore) on the night too!

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Ordinations at Akashavana!

Dear Sangha members,

We are delighted to let you know that the following person from the Cambridge Buddhist Sangha has joined the Triratna Buddhist Order!

Preeti Wathore becomes Siladhi! This is a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose wisdom comes from her moral conduct"!

There will be a welcome back event on Friday the 22nd of September, 7.00pm to 9.30pm!

On the same evening, we will be ritually sending off Jules Smart and Helen Bond to their Ordination retreat.

A night not to be missed!

The Cambridge Buddhist Centre Team

Ordination News!

Dear Sangha members, 

Our friend Preeti has been invited to be ordained into the Tiratna Buddhist Order at a two-week retreat at Akasavana, the women’s ordination retreat centre in Spain.

Preeti has been training for ordination for many years, both in the UK and in India, and it is fantastic that she will join the Order on this retreat.

We have arranged an ordination send-off event for Wednesday the 30th of August, from 7.15pm to 9.00pm

The whole sangha is invited to a ritual send-off for Preeti; young and old are welcome!!



Flourishing Together - our new fundraising campaign

At Buddha Day this year our Chair, Keturaja, launched our new fundraising campaign - Flourishing Together.

Our aim, to increase our regular income by £20,000 per year.

Our Buddhist Centre runs on a Dana Economy. Dana means 'giving' or 'generosity', so our aim is for a culture of giving and receiving of generosity. Our meditation and Buddhism teachers and teams give their time. As a Centre, we give our classes and courses. And, we encourage those who benefit from what we do to give what they can.

That way, we all flourish together.

If you would like to contribute... Read More

Flourishing Together

Introducing our new Pilates teacher

We are delighted to welcome Baharak Alavi as our new Pilates teacher, who will be leading Monday lunchtime Pilates classes from June.

Baharak Alavi

Cambodian Buddha head

We are delighted to have this Cambodian Buddha head (pictured) on a long-term loan.

As well as being a beautiful and inspiring example of Buddhist art, it is also an artifact, dating from, we believe, 18th century Cambodia. It is thought to be influenced by the Thai style, as the Siamese invaded Cambodia in the 15th century. It is likely to have formed part of a much larger, full body statue.

The Buddha head is currently on display in our shrine room where, at the request of the donor, it will be the object of veneration.


Cambodian Buddha head

Jessyca joins our yoga team

We are really pleased to welcome Jessyca Machado to our yoga team. Jessyca will be leading early and mid-morning Hatha Yoga classes on Tuesdays.

Jessyca Machado

Introducing our new yoga teacher, Jesse Ng

We are delighted to welcome our latest addition to the Cambridge Buddhist Centre bodywork team, Jesse Ng. Jesse will be leading yoga courses on Saturday afternoons from April 2023 that are open to all. Jesse is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher trained in Andiappan yoga, a school from India dedicated to authentic yoga traditions. Find details of Jesse's latest courses... Read More

Jesse Ng