Cambridge Buddhist Centre Talks

These talks have all been given at Cambridge Buddhist Centre and uploaded to the Free Buddhist Audio website.

Uploaded: Wednesday 18th Dec 2019

Three talks from three mitras from differing backgrounds on 'Why I am a Buddhist'.

Uploaded: Wednesday 18th Dec 2019

In one of his best known teachings, the Buddha taught that there are five precious qualities that we need to nurture in order to realise our true potential. These are the qualities of faith, wisdom, energy, concentration and mindfulness. And whilst growth can never be linear or exactly the same for...

Uploaded: Friday 29th Nov 2019

Our keynote talk from Sangha Day 2019. (Please note that, unfortunately, the latter part of the talk is missing from the recording).

Uploaded: Tuesday 19th Nov 2019

Four Order members from the Cambridge Sangha, two with many years of experience who knew Bhante personally and two more recently ordained, reflect on Bhante Sangharakshita, one year on from his death.

Uploaded: Friday 18th Oct 2019

As part of our Dharma Revolution Day, marking the 3rd anniversary of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism along with hundreds of thousands of his followers, in Nagpur, India, Sanghanath interviews Padmasuri about her experiences. As a young English-born Order member, Padmasuri went...

Uploaded: Friday 11th Oct 2019

Kalyanashi explains how spiritual community is at the heart of everything we do in Triratna and how we can contribute to it, and go more deeply into this essential refuge.

Uploaded: Monday 7th Oct 2019

What is the Blue Jewel of Buddhism? How can it manifest and thrive within our lives in the 21 st Century, high-tech world with all it’s demands?

Uploaded: Tuesday 1st Oct 2019

Amarachandra introduces us to the Yellow Jewel – the Buddha Refuge, with her characteristic knowledge and enthusiasm, and experience of Dharma practice in several countries of the world.

Uploaded: Monday 30th Sep 2019

When the Buddha gained enlightenment 2,500 years ago he discovered and entered into a new way of being. In this second night of our series we hear from Sanghajata, an experienced Order member, exploring the theme of 'Happiness comes from within'.

Uploaded: Monday 30th Sep 2019

As part of Padmasambhava Day 2019, our speakers explore spiritual practice in different spheres of work, transforming obstacles into opportunities

Uploaded: Monday 30th Sep 2019

Three active mitras from the CBC give us the inside story on their experience of practising the Dharma, and particularly within the light of this crucial theme.

Uploaded: Friday 30th Aug 2019

A Sangharakshita classic explored in a talk by Sanghajata. Bhante Sangharakshita gave many talks and some of them have become classics because the teachings in them are so key to the culture and Dharma training in Triartna. This evening Sanghajata will be revisiting these teachings.

Uploaded: Monday 19th Aug 2019

This year the Cambridge Buddhist Centre participated in the city-wide Open Studios, where artists invite the public into their creative spaces for an insight into their world and their work. Entitled 'Awareness through the lens', the focus of the open studios was an exhibition of...

Uploaded: Monday 19th Aug 2019

Mind Reactive and Creative is Bhante's original way of talking about the wheel of life and the spiral path of positive conditionality. Priyananda, who has been in the Order since the 1970's and knew Sangharakshita well, gives his personal take on this teaching.

Uploaded: Monday 19th Aug 2019

A talk by Manjurava as part of Sub35s. The Buddha was a human being who by his own efforts discovered the path towards Enlightenment and was able to communicate this path for others to follow. His life is full of stories that that are of relevance for those of us today who wish to follow the path...

Uploaded: Monday 19th Aug 2019

The Udana is a very early text in the Pali Canon. Sanghaketu shares his love of these stories with us at Sangha Night.

Uploaded: Monday 19th Aug 2019

To mark the full moon, with its significance to Buddhists around the world, Ratnaghosha relates the 'Shorter discourse on the full moon night'.

Uploaded: Friday 16th Aug 2019

Anantamati and Sarvajit, fresh from their respective Ordination courses, give something of the flavour of their experience.

Uploaded: Friday 16th Aug 2019

In this Sutta the Buddha talks about the curse of caste. Saddharaja talks about caste in all its various contemporary forms, bringing in his experience of working in India.

Uploaded: Monday 15th Jul 2019

A talk by Saddharaja from Dharma Day 2019.

Uploaded: Friday 5th Jul 2019

Continuing the series at the Sub35s night, Ratnaghosha evokes the Buddha's Enlightenment. The Buddha was a human being who by his own efforts discovered the path towards Enlightenment and was able to communicate this path for others to follow. His life is full of stories that that are of...

Uploaded: Friday 5th Jul 2019

Saddharaja relates how Bhaddhali doesn’t want to do what the Buddha requests and gets a dressing down for his stubbornness. He also gets some interesting teachings about giving feedback to others.

Uploaded: Friday 21st Jun 2019

Ratnaghosha looks at the Buddha’s practical and spiritual advice to two householders, one male and one female.

Uploaded: Friday 21st Jun 2019

Vidyasakhi, well known for her story-telling skills, tells the story of the foremost Dharma teacher among the female disciples of the Buddha.

Uploaded: Friday 31st May 2019

A young Brahmin questions the Buddha and receives a teaching about truth and the fundamental importance of faith.

Uploaded: Tuesday 21st May 2019

Three Going for Refuge Mitras give three delightful, moving and inspiring talks on their relationship to the Buddha.

Uploaded: Friday 17th May 2019

Meghiya was the Buddha’s companion before Ananda and in this story he learns a lesson about himself and gets a very helpful teaching from the Buddha.

Uploaded: Friday 10th May 2019

Saddharaja introduces the Summer session of Sangha Nights which will be focussing on suttas and stories from the Pali Canon by bringing to life the context of the Buddha's teachings.

Uploaded: Friday 26th Apr 2019

In this the last in our series of talks on the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Ratnaghosha speaks on Prajnaparamita. Prajnaparamita refers to a group of texts on the topic of Shunyata and also to the female Bodhisattva of the same name. Ratnaghosha endeavours to clarify the purpose of the texts and why...

Uploaded: Friday 12th Apr 2019

The seventh talk in our series on Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Padmavajra has been ordained for over forty years, is a Public Preceptor and is well known for his passionate and inspiring talks. He has a particular devotion to Padmasambhava.