News / Bhante Sangharakshita's Funeral

On Saturday 10th November there will be a funeral service at Adhisthana for Bhante. Here in Cambridge Ratnaghosha will lead an event to mark this occasion. If the technology (Adhisthana's broadband) works we will have a live video streaming of the event, and we will also have meditation, puja and mantra chanting and an opportunity to make offerings to the shrine. Above all it is an opportunity to reflect on all that Bhante has given to us and what we want to do with those gifts. If the live streaming is not possible then we will show another video about some aspect of Bhante's life. It is hoped that we can share food and refreshments in the afternoon. Go HERE for details.

Now that our precious teacher has died we, the Sangha, have to become more of a support to each other in our spiritual practices, both personal and altruistic. We can see this occasion as an opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to going for refuge to the Three Jewels and to helpings others to do likewise.