Cambridge Buddhist Centre Talks

These talks have all been given at Cambridge Buddhist Centre and uploaded to the Free Buddhist Audio website.

Uploaded: Friday 4th Nov 2016

As part of our series of talks for Sangha Night on the Four Dimensions of Awareness, Ratnadharini gives a candid talk on Awareness of Self.

Uploaded: Tuesday 18th Oct 2016

A talk by Samudraghosa to mark Ambedkar Day at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre.

Uploaded: Friday 14th Oct 2016

An introductory talk for this series on the Four Dimensions of Awareness, as elucidated by Sangharakshita.

Uploaded: Monday 26th Sep 2016

“I teach suffering and its end,” the Buddha once replied when asked what he taught. Devamitra examines the deeper optimism so easily overlooked in this simple answer and explores the importance of making the most of adversity.

Uploaded: Thursday 25th Aug 2016

Maitreyabandhu returns to Sangha Night to give a close reading of a poem. As a poet, he shows us how to read the spiritual themes emerging within the text and how they might relate to us

Uploaded: Wednesday 27th Jul 2016

In the final talk by Ratnaghosha on the 5 Stages of the Path he evokes the conditions needed to create receptivity to the Dharma. The talk creates a beautiful vision of what is possible spiritually when we get out of the way and follow the call of the Buddha Dharma.

Uploaded: Wednesday 27th Jul 2016

An exposition of the 6 Anusati's as taught to Mahanama by the Buddha in the Mahanam Suttaof the Anguttara Nikaya. These recollections are a way to practice in every day life developing a mind that is free from the poisons and full of positivity. A practical and delightful talk for Cambridge...

Uploaded: Friday 15th Jul 2016

This fifth talk in the series on the Five Stages of Spiritual Life goes into the theme of spiritual rebirth and what that means for us.

Uploaded: Friday 1st Jul 2016

In this his fourth talk in the series on the Five Stages of Spiritual Life, Ratnaghosha looks at spiritual death. The talk goes into what that particular metaphor, spiritual death, means to us and what it signifies for us spiritually. Ratnaghosha talks about the two paths and their associated...

Uploaded: Monday 20th Jun 2016

Continuing his series of six talks on the Five Stages of Spiritual Life, Ratnaghosha's third talk, Choosing the Best, is about positive emotion. The talk explores the basic choice we have in life and goes into how we can cultivate positive emotion. The topics of motivation, faith and karma are...

Uploaded: Friday 10th Jun 2016

In this talk Vessantara reflects on some of the themes of our Buddhist Action Month - 'Abundance in simplicity'. Over the centuries, the Dharma has been practiced by people following many different lifestyles – from homeless wanderers to kings and queens in their palaces. If there...

Uploaded: Tuesday 7th Jun 2016

Ratnaghosha gives his second talk in this series of six talks on the Five Stages of Spiritual Life. The talk entitled 'All Things Great and Small' is about integration and explorse three kinds of integration. It goes into how we can become more integrated and Ratnaghosha outlines what he...

Uploaded: Tuesday 7th Jun 2016

A talk by Ratnaguna, author of the recently released Windhorse Publications book 'Great Faith, Great Wisdom: Practice and awakening in the Pure Land sutras of Mahayana Buddhism'. The title of the talk is 'Opening the Mind's Eye'. In his talk Ratnaguna explores the third of...

Uploaded: Friday 20th May 2016

This is the first in a series of six talks that Ratnaghosha will give this summer on the Five Stages of Spiritual Life.

Uploaded: Friday 22nd Apr 2016

Taradasa talks on the Arts as the 6th Distinctive Emphasis of Triratna. It is an encouraging talk asking us to look, and look again at our relationship to the fine arts. Whether it's music, painting, sculpture, performance - whatever we respond to in the Arts, Taradasa shows how we can...

Uploaded: Tuesday 12th Apr 2016

Continuing with the series of talks for Sangha Night on the Six Distinctive Features of Triratna, Arthasiddhi who is the men's Mitra Convenor for Cambridge, gives a talk on Spiritual Friendship.

Uploaded: Monday 11th Apr 2016

Drawing upon the myths in the life of the Buddha Satyapara explores the role the body plays when we take up Buddhist practice. She describes the Buddha as a child under a rose apple tree being deeply in touch with his surrounding and when calling upon the earth he gains confidence in his...

Uploaded: Friday 1st Apr 2016

In this short series given at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in early 2016, Vessantara explores Sangharakshitas idea that fundamentally there is one spiritual experience, which has different aspects that we can unfold. All the talks are linked together not only through ideas, but also through a...

Uploaded: Friday 25th Mar 2016

Sraddhagita shares her experience of Team Based Right Livelihood, as part of a series on the Six Distinctive Emphasis of Triratna, on Cambridge Sangha Night. The talk is full of passion and insight into a practice Shraddhagita has been involved in for over 16 years. Drawing on the four...

Uploaded: Tuesday 22nd Mar 2016

In the final talk of the series Vessantara evokes the need for us to open up to and head towards the depth dimension of the present moment. Using the image of the Wayfinder and evocative poetry, he guides us in this talk to letting go and tuning in to the deeper resources of the awakened qualities...

Uploaded: Friday 11th Mar 2016

In the third talk of this series Vessantara continues with the image of the Polynesian Wayfinder and gives us many practical ways to keep engaging with life, despite difficulty and suffering. A talk to give you real confidence in the path and in the energy we can contact to steer to real refuge.

Uploaded: Friday 11th Mar 2016

The second in a series of four talks by Vessantara exploring Going for Refuge is an accessible talk on the Insight aspect.

Uploaded: Wednesday 24th Feb 2016

A rich talk by Vessantara on Sangha Night in Cambridge. Using the metaphor of Wayfinding to navigate our way across the sea of suffering to the safe refuge of the Buddha Dharma. The first of 4 talks exploring Going For Refuge.

Uploaded: Wednesday 17th Feb 2016

Another talk in the Cambridge Sangha night series on the Six Distinctive Emphases of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Aryajaya talks about the significance of Going For Refuge to the Three Jewels.

Uploaded: Wednesday 17th Feb 2016

Subhadramati gives a talk for Cambridge Sangha night as part of a series onthe Six Distinctive Emphasis of the Triratna Buddhist Community. A talk full of energy, insight and inspiration on Ordination within Triratna.

Uploaded: Friday 22nd Jan 2016

An informative talk from Vajraketu on the three Yanas, in his characteristic entertaining style.

Uploaded: Monday 18th Jan 2016

An accessible talk given to the Young Peoples group on who the Buddha was.

Uploaded: Friday 15th Jan 2016

An introduction to the six distinctive features of Triratna.

Uploaded: Friday 11th Dec 2015

The last in a series of talks for Sangha Night on the Mandala of the Five Buddhas is a talk by Dhatvisvari on the white Buddha in the centre of the mandala, Vairocana.

Uploaded: Tuesday 1st Dec 2015

A talk for Sangha Day and to conclude the International Urban Retreat at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. The talk is by the Centre Chairman Ratnaghosha.