Cambridge Buddhist Centre Talks

These talks have all been given at Cambridge Buddhist Centre and uploaded to the Free Buddhist Audio website.

Uploaded: Friday 23rd Feb 2018

A talk from Sarvatajnana to mark Parinirvana Day, 2018.

Uploaded: Friday 16th Feb 2018

As a way of marking the 50th birthday of the Order we have decided to revisit a couple of series of talks that Bhante Sangharakshita gave in the Sixties and Seventies and ask speakers to give their own up to date version using the same titles that Bhante used. Subhadramati takes another look at the...

Uploaded: Friday 9th Feb 2018

Three Order Members give short talks about the part that meditation plays in their Buddhist practice.

Uploaded: Friday 2nd Feb 2018

Maitreyabandhu returns to our Sangha Night to take us to the heart of the key Buddhist practice of meditation. He is the author of a number of Dharma books and a published poet. His talks are always thought provoking and inspiring.

Uploaded: Friday 26th Jan 2018

Saddhanandi talks about this central achievement of the Buddha, which is what distinguishes Buddhism from other religions and philosophies.

Uploaded: Friday 19th Jan 2018

As a way of marking the 50th birthday of the Order we have decided to revisit a couple of series of talks that Bhante Sangharakshita gave in the Sixties and Seventies and ask speakers to give their own up to date version using the same titles that Bhante used. This talk looks at the themes that we...

Uploaded: Friday 12th Jan 2018

Ratnaghosha, just back from four weeks of solitary retreat, explores the Six Perfections and how we practice them.

Uploaded: Friday 24th Nov 2017

As part of our season on the annutara puja, a deeper look at what it means to go for refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha with Ratnaghosha. Includes questions and answers.

Uploaded: Friday 10th Nov 2017

The last of the four Means of Unification of the Sangha is Exemplification (samanarthata). Kulapriya leads us into an exploration of what this means for our daily practice.

Uploaded: Friday 20th Oct 2017

As part of our series of talks on the four Samgrahavastus, Viryajyoti speaks on Beneficial Activity - Arthacarya.

Uploaded: Monday 16th Oct 2017

Vajratara, Chair of the India Dhamma Trust, gives a passionate talk about the crucial importance and inspiring example of Dr B R Ambedkar.

Uploaded: Friday 13th Oct 2017

In order to practice the ethical precepts relating to speech another aspect of communication which needs special attention is Listening. Cittamodani leads us in this evening of Listening Deeply.

Uploaded: Friday 6th Oct 2017

In the second talk in our series on the Samgrahavastus, Amritavani explores Kindly Speech (priyavadita) the second of the Means of Unification of the Sangha.

Uploaded: Monday 2nd Oct 2017

A short and engaging talk for Padmasambhava Day, 2017.

Uploaded: Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

The first of the Means of Unification of the Sangha is Generosity (dana). Dharmanatha is well known for his exemplary practice in this area and brings his passion to bear on this exploration.

Uploaded: Friday 15th Sep 2017

In this introduction to a series of talks on the Means of Unification of the Sangha (the Samgrahavastus), Ratnaghosha explores another aspect of Skilful Means, the little known teaching of the four Analytical Knowledges or Pratisamvids.

Uploaded: Friday 1st Sep 2017

An evening with Padmavajra to round off our series of evenings on the Tantric Path.

Uploaded: Friday 18th Aug 2017

This symbol is an archetypal representation of one of the most important Buddhist teachings, pratitya samutpada or conditioned co-production. In imagery and symbolism it can speak to us in a very direct way, more potent that words.

Uploaded: Tuesday 15th Aug 2017

Colour has an important place in Buddhism, for example as a way to express different aspects of the Enlightened mind in the Five Jinas. This symbolism can open the imagination to new depths of understanding. As an artist and former art teacher, Ahimsaka has studied colour extensively and helps us...

Uploaded: Tuesday 15th Aug 2017

Dharmasiddhi reveals the esoteric symbolism of the Vajra and explores opportunities for integration culminating in dynamic energy.

Uploaded: Tuesday 15th Aug 2017

Vidyasaki is a musician and Padmasambhava practitioner with a background in story telling. She has used these skills to dramatise The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava and is a very good guide into the symbolism of this sacred space.

Uploaded: Friday 21st Jul 2017

What is a stupa and what does it mean in Buddhism? Amarachandra draws us into the rich symbolism of this important Buddhist structure.

Uploaded: Friday 7th Jul 2017

Vajrasattva is associated with Purity and with the time of death. Aryajaya helps us to engage more deeply with the meaning and symbolism of Vajrasattva.

Uploaded: Monday 3rd Jul 2017

In the latest in the series of talks for Sangha Night on Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Vessantara gives an engaging talk on the female Bodhisattva of wisdom - Prajnaparamita.

Uploaded: Friday 9th Jun 2017

This short talk from Sanghadevi is the latest in our Sangha Night series on Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The start of the talk follows a silent contemplation of a shrine to Manjughosha.

Uploaded: Friday 26th May 2017

Taking the theme from his book 'Mindful Emotion', Paramabandhu gives this talk on kindness as part of Sangha Night.

Uploaded: Tuesday 23rd May 2017

A short talk on Green Tara from our series at Sangha Night on the imagination, exploring different Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Uploaded: Wednesday 3rd May 2017

This talk was given on Triratna Order Day held at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, at the invitation of the Eastern Region Order Conveners. *** 0.00 Intro including 4 reliances 3.20 Appreciation 5.50 Experience at Chithurst Monastery 8.40 Sangharakshita as translator, big vision: effort and love,...

Uploaded: Monday 24th Apr 2017

A talk from Mahamati, who is the President of Karuna Trust and Secretary to Sangharakshita, on 'the greatest Indian', Dr B.R. Ambedkar, as part of Ambedkar Day celebrations.

Uploaded: Monday 24th Apr 2017

As part of celebrating 50 years of Triratna, Vessantara looks back to the early days of the movement.