Cambridge Buddhist Centre Talks

These talks have all been given at Cambridge Buddhist Centre and uploaded to the Free Buddhist Audio website.

Uploaded: Wednesday 30th Jun 2010

On the eve of the historic change of name to the Triratna Buddhist Community, Vajrapriya explores just what it means to go for refuge to the three Jewels.

He uses the image of the mandala to talk about the dynamics of making changes in ones life, and the difficulty and conflict that...

Uploaded: Thursday 10th Dec 2009

The Dhatuvibhanga Sutta - the Exposition of the Elements - tells the story of a meeting between the Buddha and a young monk called Pukkusati. The young monk doesn't at first realise who he is sharing his lodgings with. He is just very grateful the next morning for the offer of some help with...

Uploaded: Wednesday 30th Sep 2009

A talk given to a mixture of Buddhists and general public as part of a Science Festival.

He explores how both science and Buddhism both have their own internal critiques.

Cambridge Buddhist Centre, Open Day 2009

Uploaded: Thursday 13th Aug 2009

A lovely talk here from the excellent Dhivan. Be prepared for the odd surprise as he considers the relationship between what we think we may know about the Buddha, and what the historical evidence suggests. As Dhivan sifts the information that's come down to us, we meet several different...

Uploaded: Monday 8th Sep 2008

Here's a splendid and wonderfully detailed talk from Dharmavira about the life of one of Tibetan Buddhism's great guru's of the modern age (whose name is also sometimes written 'Chetul Sangye Dorje'). This was given as part of a series looking at Sangharakshita's main...