Frequently Asked Questions: Tai Chi

Tai Chi is based upon relaxation of body and mind. The quiet and gentle nature of the exercise overcomes stress and its related illnesses. Other benefits include improved blood circulation, better posture and alignment, and a strengthened immune system. All contributing to greater quality of life and likely quantity.

The introductory courses are suitable for all. Even those with previous experience may find there is much of interest on the introductory courses. 

The regulars courses build on what we learn in the introductory courses and as such we ask that you have completed at least one introductory course before attending the regulars course.

We teach the yang style short form and five relaxing exercises. This style belongs to the Taiji school of Central Equilibrium, of which our teacher, Abhayamati, is an instructor.

Just wear loose comfortable clothes that allow you freedom of movement. We either practise in bare feet or in flat shoes with no heel and non-marking soles.