Frequently Asked Questions: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to our experience which helps to free us from cycles of reactivity.

Research evidence shows that practising mindfulness can help significantly in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

MBSR courses consist of nine sessions, each of two and a half hours, plus a full day workshop. The first session is an introduction, which gives an opportunity for you and the course tutor to assess whether this is the right time for you to attend. Courses run three times a year in January, April and September. 

Each of our courses is led by two experienced teachers. Ruchiraketu holds a Masters in Mindfulness Based Approaches from Bangor University where he now teaches on the Masters programme. Sagaraghosha has been meditating since 1996. She has supported and co-led MBSR courses since 2009 and has been trained by Ruchiraketu.