Dharma Night

Every Tuesday - 7.15pm to 9.30pm

Explore Buddhism to Deepen Your Life

Dharma Night is now exclusively an in-person class (it's no longer on Zoom).

Our weekly, in-person Dharma Night class is a chance to explore Buddhist themes and their relevance to our lives with a community of dedicated practitioners.

Dharma Night is aimed at people who have completed at least one of our introductory courses and have some familiarity with the two main meditation practices we teach as well as basic Buddhist teachings. However, if you don't mind jumping into the deep end a bit we welcome people of all experience levels.

Three Questions about Enlightenment

Buddhism arises from the Buddha’s experience of Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. He communicated it because it’s a possibility latent in any human consciousness. To practice Buddhism is to sense this possibility and to unfold it in one’s life. But what is it? Will I ever get there? And is it what the world really needs? Come and explore these questions to discover your own vision for 2024.

Tuesday 30th January - Is it what the world really needs?

Tuesday 6th February - Finding faith for your next step

New Series: The Buddha instructs Meghia on Lifestyle

Meghia is the Buddha's attendant but he wants to leave and meditate - surprisingly the Buddha encourages him to 'stay a while'. Meghia insists 'it’s okay for you, you’re already enlightened!' and the Buddha acquiesced. Meghia thinks he knows what lifestyle he needs for progress in meditation but it doesn’t work out, so he listens to the Buddha on lifestyle. He outlines principles to apply in our very different modern lives - thanks to Meghia!

Tuesday 13th February - Dharma lifestyle now and in the Buddha's day

Tuesday 20th February - General teachings or personal instruction?

Tuesday 27th February - Perfect conditions, terrible sits!?!

Tuesday 5th March - The path starts with people

Please be aware that none of the classes/events run by the Cambridge Buddhist Centre is aimed at under-18-year-olds. All under 18-year-olds must be accompanied by their parent or another responsible adult over the age of 18 (with their parent's permission). Please contact us in advance of attending at info@cambridgebuddhistcentre.com so we can assess how suitable the event is for the young person and how we can safely enable them to engage in an online class.

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