Which course is right for me?

There are many pathways to relaxation; different traditions that use a wide range of exercises. Most people find that some pathways to relaxation are more beneficial for them than others.

A good place to start is our Relaxation Foundations course, which introduces a range of exercises from different traditions.

Some pathways to relaxation are unsuitable for people going through psychosis, clinical depression, or personality disorder. Other exercises may need to be adapted for people with physical disabilities. Please contact Sarvatajnana to discuss any health concerns before booking a course.

The Relaxation Intermediate courses offer training from specific traditions: Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training, Somatic Movement Relaxation, and Yoga Nidra. To fully benefit from these courses, you want to be sure that

  • the relaxation pathway of a specific course is suitable for you, ideally by having completed a Relaxation Foundations course; and
  • you can practice for about 30 minutes every day; daily practice is essential for Autogenic Training, very beneficial for Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training, and a bit more optional for Somatic Movement Relaxation and Yoga Nidra.