How do I start learning about Buddhism?

There are three ways to learn about Buddhism at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre:


Courses run weekly in the evening. There are two levels.

Introducing Buddhism is suitable for newcomers to Buddhism, and gives a good overview of the subject in a six week course.

That can be followed up with Buddhism Level Two. This year-long course is composed of six courses of six weeks each.

What is Buddhism? Days

What is Buddhism? days are a great option if you cannot make an evening course. They provide a full introduction to Buddhism, with a practical sense of how the ideas can be applied in your life.

Thursday evening Meditation and Buddhism Class

On Thursday evenings you can just drop in to the Centre to learn meditation and for those who want to know more there will also be opportunites to learn about Buddhist practice. There is no charge for these evenings but we do depend on donations to keep running these events.