Earth Sangha Day

Saturday 25th May 2024 - 10.00am to 5.00pm

The Sweet Part That Brings About Change

There is a big arc between the feeling of overwhelm and the feeling of apathy. When overwhelmed we can feel exhausted and not able to cope and when apathy takes over we can feel helpless and hopeless as we see what is happening to the climate, to nature, to the world. Somewhere along this arc is a sweet point that brings about change.

On this Earth Sangha Day we will be listening to a talk that Akuppa gave on the 2023 Triratna Earth Sangha conference and through periods of reflection and discussion about this talk we will explore how to find that sweet point.

In the afternoon we have two options, one of which will be an opportunity to take part in the Big Sit. This consists of meditating in the town centre. Those choosing not to join the Big Sit will do an activity at the centre. After that both groups will come back together for tea and cake and the day will end with a puja.

Please bring your own packed lunch / Afternoon cake will be provided.

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Sanghajata and Yogaratna
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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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