Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Reviews of The Long Winter Night: Fundraising Concert and Tea Ceremony

5 Stars

15/07/2018 - Mike

Beautiful music. Spellbinding.

5 Stars

30/05/2007 - Gail Abbott

What a wonderful day. A group of enthusiastic people knitting, knotting, tying and experimenting together. Clusters of two's and three's sitting together murmering as they knitted, or learned to knit. Individuals working alone in a concentrated, childlike way. I had a real sense of the interconnectedness of working together. At the end of the afternoon we left the theatre as Shane 'cleared the gallery' and we returned to find our messy, wonderfully chaotic environment had been transormed into a fabulous Indra's Net - bejewelled, sparkling with light and colour and truly wonderful.

5 Stars

30/05/2007 - daphne astor

I invited Shane Waltener to create the Garland for the Buddhist centre and part of the joy for me was providing a chance for many different people to collaborate with an experienced artist who leads workshops in a very open and gentle way. The Garland that emerged is truly the work of many hands and many people sharing the experience of interconnectedness through art.

5 Stars

30/05/2007 - Christopher Peter Ilsley

Superb event...I loved the way that it was possible to join in, observe, disappear for a time, at will. The community spirit was palpable. A beautiful use of the space.