The world is on fire: street meditation

Saturday 27th Jul 2019 - 10.00am to 3.00pm

“More than feeling, more than emotion as we know it; compassion is the enlightened response to a suffering world.”

During the keynote talk on the 2019 series “Compassion for a Modern World” in January, Arthasiddhi introduced us to three ways of putting the Bodhisattva Ideal into practice:

- action learning
- meditation: invigorating our practice by drawing strength to build the New Society, and opening our hearts to the suffering of the world and, last but by no means least -
- exemplifying the route out of suffering by befriending ourselves and the world, engaging with wider community outside the Sangha and offering a solution by the example of the simple, contented, positive life.

This event invites you to do just that. The world is alive with suffering of all sorts, and of political and climate upheaval. What is the Buddhist response? By collectively practising the metta bhavana together in public, and engaging - through our liaison team - with the public, we aim to exemplify the Buddhist response in engaging with the world, centring on spiritual friendship and the key role mental states can bring.

After gathering at Cambridge Buddhist Centre for an introduction from Darragh linking the Bodhisattva Ideal with the day’s theme, we will walk to Market Square (with Christ’s Pieces as a back-up), where meditation cushions will await us, with meditation from 10.50am.

There, led by Dharmanatha, we will practice the Metta Bhavana, placing a particular emphasis on the fifth stage, on the suffering of all sentient beings, human and non-human alike.

Blurring the boundary between practice and daily life, we will break up into small groups including any members of the public, and discuss our responses before breaking for a picnic.

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Please bring a packed lunch for the picnic
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CBC and Market Square/Christ's Pieces
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Not necessary