Quy Fen Yatra Day

Sunday 10th Oct 2021 - 10.00am to 4.00pm

Quy Fen Yatra Day

Join us for a retreat day of silent walking meditation in nature, sharing reflections after with rituals and poetry.

Quy Fen has a rich ecosystem of reedbeds, grasslands and precious chalk streams teeming with birds and insects and other beings.

A Yatra is a spiritual journey where we walk in silence together for stretches of time through our sacred landscape A chance to connect more deeply with ourselves, eachother and our land. Walking meditation guidance will be given around awareness of the senses and the elements and there will be various rituals inspired by Buddhism and nature. We welcome the sharing of poetry and reflections at our various comfort stops at the end of a stretch of silent walking.

We have a very experienced and enthusiastic team who will support the day, leading a group each and helping you feel at home in the land.

Please bring all appropriate walking gear relevant to the weather as well as your own drinks and packed lunch etc. Loos will be in the bushes all day.

Please contact Suryamani for further details: suryamanilayton@gmail.com

Booking essential with phone number so we can be in touch at the start of the day.

Arrival point: Layby on the RH side of the A1303 road going out of town towards A14. Just after Darwin Nurseries on LH side. Good cycle route out there.

The Yatra team will welcome you here and guide you to the starting point.of the Yatra.

52.212491,0.208282 on Google maps


We will return to the arrival point at the end of the Yatra around 4pm.

Led By: 
Suryamani and Team
Suitable For: 
Quy Fen
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