Padmasambhava Day: The Quest for the Wish Fulfilling Jewel

Sunday 27th Sep 2020 - 10.00am to 4.00pm

Padmasambhava Day is our traditional celebration of the precious guru of Tibet, Padmasambhava.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, say, one of our Cambridge scientists came up with a vaccine and we could get back to ‘normal’?

Or if the world’s politicians suddenly saw sense and started putting together policies that protected the planet, rather than plundering it?

We all yearn for a better world; but how can we live well in the midst of the way things are, at the same time as staying deeply and effectively connected to the deepest wishes of our hearts for radical, compassionate change?

The Guru Padmasambhava inspires us to dig deep, take risks, and connect with our faith in the Dharma, symbolised by the wish fulfilling jewel.

Join Vidyasakhi and Padmajata for a day of storytelling, meditation, reflection, mantra, break-out groups and ritual on this theme.


10.00 - Opening Ritual and meditation (Padmajata)
10.45 - King Indrabhuti’s quest for the wish-fulfilling jewel (Vidyasakhi)
11.05 - Tea break
11.15 - What happened next (the birth of Padmasambhava) – talkette and Q and A (Vidyasakhi)
11.50 - Groups for 20/25 mins
12.15 - Closing Ritual (ends 12.30) (Padmajata)

2.00 - Led visualisation of Padmasambhava (Padmajata)
2.30 - Three short talks: ‘My going for refuge’
3.15 - Tea Break
3.30 - Puja (ends 4.15) (Padmajata and Vidyasakhi)

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