Buddha Day: The Precious Jewel

Sunday 19th May 2019 - 10.00am to 5.00pm

Buddha Day is a celebration of the Enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha.

The Buddha is the precious jewel that reflects the beauty and freedom of liberation in a way we can see, feel and relate to. Yet, who is the Buddha to us? How do we connect with him? What is it that he represents in our lives and in our hearts?

This year's Buddha Day will explore the inspiring mystery of the Buddha: through meditation, talks, ritual and the imagination.

And we invite you to bring the Buddha to Buddha Day. The day will begin with a ritual assembly of all the Buddhas. Please bring with you the Buddha figure from your shrine. To represent the many facets that go to make up this precious jewel. There will also be recitation of the Shakyamuni mantra in each session when you can add your Buddha figure to the shrine.

Do join us.

Full programme:

10-11am Visualisation of Shakyamuni Buddha (for Mitras and Order Members) followed by Shakyamuni mantra and an opportunity to add your Buddha to the shrine - led by Abhayamati

11-11.30am Tea Break

11.30-1pm Welcome and introduction to the day, followed by three personal talks on 'What the Buddha means to me' from Eileen Merryweather, Hannah Atkinson and Robin Cooksey, plus Shakyamuni mantra - led by Kalyanadhi

1-2.15pm Lunch (please bring vegetarian/vegan food to share)*

2.15-3.15pm Reflection workshop on the Purabheda Sutta from the Sutta Nipata - led by Amritavani

2.15-3.15pm Activities for families (in the lower shrine room)*

3.15-3.30pm Offerings to the shrine with Shakyamuni mantra - children and parents welcome*

3.30-4pm Tea break*

4pm-5pm Puja and dissolution - led by Abhayamati

* Indicates the event is open to families. The quiet and meditative nature of the other events, with sometimes long periods of silence, mean they are not suitable for children to attend.

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