The Powers that Transform: Samadhi (In-person)

Thursday 26th Aug 2021 - 7.15pm to 9.30pm

The Powers That Transform: Samadhi

In this new Meditation Night series we'll be looking at a set of principles that the Buddha taught as being the very lifeblood of spiritual practice. They’re called the five spiritual faculties. You can think of them collectively as a sort of navigational tool guiding you in your practice, but also as a source of power and inspiration - both on and off the cushion.

Meditators and Dharma practitioners do well when they consult these principles every step of the way: they are relevant to people who are quite new to meditation and Dharma practice, as well as to those who are more experienced.

Although the series is open to those who are newer to meditation, you will need to be familiar with the two main practices we teach; the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana (or cultivatation of loving kindness). We do have an introduction to these practices as well as a short led version of each on our Youtube channel.

As always at Meditation Night there will be led meditations, short talks and a chance for questions.

In order to attend in person you will need to book your place below. We are currently restricting in person places whilst we transition out of Covid restrictions and into hybrid classes. Due to the limited number of places, please try to only book if you are committed to attending on the night.

Please see our announcement about visiting the Centre with the relaxing of Covid restrictions on 19 July.

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