The Life of Objects - Non-Residential Retreat

Friday 28th Feb 2020 to Sunday 1st Mar 2020 - 7.30pm to 12.30pm

The Life of Objects - Fall in Love with Life Again

A non-residential retreat with Vajradarshini for Mitras and Order Members.

When we realise how much the world we live in is influenced by mind, we also discover that the kind of a world we want to live in is really up to us.

We share our day to day life with numerous ‘objects’. On this retreat, by understanding that what we experience is not the ‘thing out there’ but our own perception, our relationship with things can be suddenly changed. The teapot and the bowl are no longer separate from us, but intimately connected to us, even a part of us.

“Picking violets by the side of the road,
I forgot my begging bowl.
How sad you must be, my poor little bowl.”


By recognising the ‘Life of Objects’ we can go from consuming too much to cherishing

Bringing deep dharma teachings together with meditation, silence, poetry, images, film,
music and the world of things around us.

Vajradarshini started practising Buddhism in 1988 and since 1997 has been teaching and leading retreats. She recently started ‘Red Ladder Studio’ as a way to focus on the connection between art and dharma, between meditation and creativity. More details:

The nature of a retreat means that we ask everyone to attend for the whole duration. If you are not able to attend for the whole duration, please contact us at and we can recommend an alternative event or course.

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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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