Men’s Mandala 2019 - Compassion at work in the world

Saturday 23rd Mar 2019 - 10.00am to 3.00pm

“More than feeling, more than emotion as we know it; compassion is the enlightened response to a suffering world. What does this mean for us as modern Buddhists?”

During the keynote talk on the 2019 series “Compassion for a Modern World” in January, Arthasiddhi introduced us to “Action Learning”, and the importance of acting on our ideals in order to deepen our understanding of the Dharma, thereby deepening our understanding of what compassion really means to us as Buddhists.

This event invites you to do just that; and by collectively working together as part of a local volunteering project in Cambridge we will invite you to explore the effect of our participation in altruistic work, both on our experience of ourselves, and also on our experience - or sense - of being part of our sangha.

The day will be begin with an introduction to the theme at the centre, then we will go out for a period of working together, then heading back to the centre for a shared lunch and the final part of the event, which will involve exploring the effect of our participation in this altruistic work on ourselves and our experience of others.

This event will be led by Shubhanaga and Andy, and will involve physical activity and working outdoors so please bring water to drink, appropriate clothing and a light vegetarian lunch to share between 1-2pm. If you have any questions about the day please get in contact with the Centre - - who can pass any questions on to the organisers.

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The Men's Mandala Team

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This event has already started. Contact us to see if it is possible to still join.