Men’s Mandala 2019 - Compassion for a Modern World

Saturday 19th Jan 2019 - 10.00am to 1.00pm

The first event of the Men's Mandala 2019 series will be introduced by Arthasiddhi who will talk on the theme "Compassion for a Modern World."

The themes explored during this event will lead into the rest of the Men's Mandala events throughout 2019. The event will include a short meditation, a talk and some time to connect with other men from the Cambridge Sangha.

More than feeling, more than emotion as we know it; compassion is the enlightened response to a suffering world. What does this mean for us as Buddhists? What does the Buddhist vision of transforming mind have to offer our modern suffering world? Can we solve the problems? If not, can we really turn away? Unenlightened as we are - how can we be part of the solution?

From January, the Men’s Mandala programme will be exploring our 2019 theme ‘Compassion for a
Modern World’ throughout the year, with our brothers in our Sangha. Throughout the year our
events will approach this theme from different standpoints; including talks, work, discussion and
meditation. Come and participate in this Bodhisattva training, alongside some other fine men.

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Arthasiddhi (Who We Are)
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This event has already started. Contact us to see if it is possible to still join.