Vajrasana Weekend Retreat: Heart of Compassion

Friday 3rd Dec 2021 to Sunday 5th Dec 2021 - 6.00pm to 3.00pm

The heart of Buddhism is compassion for all beings, which is symbolised by the archetypal form of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

The Retreat
We'll create supportive conditions for meditation, reflection and devotion, around the theme of Avalokitesvara, whose myth encapsulates the beauty of compassionate wisdom: the source for real, lasting and beneficial change.

Take the opportunity to connect with the joy and inspiration of a Buddhist retreat community; there is no better way to connect more deeply with the transformational and deeply positive message of the Buddha's teaching.

Everyone who comes to CBC is welcome on this retreat - even if you are relatively new! All you need to be ready for this retreat is interested in meditation, curious about myth and ritual and open to Buddhist teachings - you don't have to be a fully signed up Buddhist!

Our Dana Economy
The Cambridge Buddhist Centre is run as a 'gift economy', for which we use the Sanskrit term dana, meaning 'generosity'. Our Dana Economy, in which everyone contributes what they can for the benefit of all, offers a radical alternative to consumer culture. For the first time, we are offering a residential retreat on a 'dana basis'.

Financially, of course, we will have costs to cover, so we are taking something of a risk! To help give you a guide, each person coming on the retreat will cost £70.

Those leading the retreat do so entirely on the basis of generosity and are not financially remunerated: our motivation is that a retreat can be a transformative, life-changing experience, and we want to make that available to as many people as possible.

Do consider making a donation when you book to cover these costs and, if you are able, consider contributing more so that we are able to offer events and retreats to more people. There will also be a Dana announcement on the retreat.

Covid precautions
You will be sent links to the latest Covid precautions that are being undertaken at Vajrasana Retreat Centre when you make your booking, as well as directions to the Retreat Centre and a link to help you to share lifts.

Dietary needs
All meals are vegan; if you have a food allergy or medical condition requiring a special diet, please enter the details at the checkout.

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