Relaxation Explorer Morning (in person)

Saturday 17th Sep 2022 - 10.00am to 1.00pm

A morning to explore approaches to relaxation, suitable for beginners.

Try out different approaches to relaxation (newcomers) and enjoy the benefits of a longer practice period (experienced practitioners) in this morning workshop comprising exercises from four relaxation traditions: autogenics, gentle movement relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation and yoga nidra.

Relaxation practice involves exercises that support ease and replenishment by gently 'switching off' bodymind stress. They can be an enjoyable experience in and of themselves. Regular practice can support your concentration and sleep, general wellbeing, inner peace, creativity, meditation, as well as gentle psychological processing to release physical and emotional tensions and anxieties.

You can find more information about relaxation and the approaches introduced in the workshop at

Wear comfortable clothes and a couple of layers; you may want to bring a thin shawl to cover your eyes during ‘deep relaxation’ exercises.

Some relaxation exercises are unsuitable for people going through psychosis, clinical depression or personality disorder; or may need adaptations for people with physical disabilities. Do contact Sarvatajnana beforehand to discuss anything around health concerns at

The teacher
Sarvatajnana is a certified relaxation therapist. She has been practising for 19 years and teaching since 2017.

Suitable for: anybody with interest in relaxation

Led By: 
Cambridge Buddhist Centre
How To Book: 
Advance payment required
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