Training: Relaxation Flow (online)

Friday 30th Sep 2022 to Friday 2nd Dec 2022 - 5.30pm to 7.00pm

Training: Relaxation Flow (online)

The online course

Going deeper with two relaxation pathways that emphasise flow and play: somatic movement relaxation and yoga nidra. Somatic movement relaxation exercises can release holding from head to toes, supporting mobility and embodied awareness and balancing the nervous system. Yoga nidra is a pathway to deeper relaxation that can ease emotional and mental strain.

Relaxation exercises can be an enjoyable experience in and of themselves. Regular practice of somatic movement relaxation and yoga nidra can support your concentration and sleep, general wellbeing, inner peace, creativity, meditation, as well as gentle psychological processing to release physical and emotional tensions and anxieties. You can find more information about gentle movement relaxation and yoga nidra at

The course offers an experiential learning environment for developing your personal practice and connecting with peers. Course materials include handouts and recordings of guided exercises. This course complements, and can also be a lead-in to meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction, tai chi and yoga.

Requirements and Recommendations

Participants of our relaxation training courses will ideally have some familiarity with the method/s of a training course, perhaps by having done the Relaxation Explorer course. If this would be your first relaxation course with Sarvatajnana, please contact her to find out if it could be suitable for you.

This course is not suitable for people experiencing psychosis, clinical depression, personality disorder or medical conditions where gentle movement is not advisable. Do contact Sarvatajnana beforehand to discuss anything around health concerns at

The teacher

Sarvatajnana is a certified relaxation therapist. She has been practising for 19 years and teaching since 2017.

Suitable For: anybody with an interest in relaxation

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