Exploring Meditation Through Self, Sangha and World.

Sunday 14th Nov 2021 - 10.00am to 4.00pm

Women Mitras' practice day exploring meditation through the dimensions of self, sangha and world, led by Amarachandra, Dhammacitta and Padmajata

On this day we will explore the three dimensions of meditation - self, sangha and world - through actually meditating, discussion, workshop exercises and ritual.

In relation to self we will look at supporting our personal practice through an enhanced awareness of grounding, creative attitude and acceptance of experience.

With sangha we can explore how to support each other in meditation more fully and enhance our collective practice.

With world, we see how our personal experience can open our heart to the experience of others, leading to a deeper appreciation of interconnectedness.

Led By: 
Amarachandra, Dhammacitta and Padmajata
Suitable For: 
Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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