Ordination Welcome Back (Hybrid)

Saturday 6th Nov 2021 - 5.00pm to 7.00pm

Ordination Welcome Back Event

Tonight we will be welcoming back Jayamoksini (ex-Linda Oliver) and Tejodhi (ex-Linda Diver) from their ordination retreat as members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

It would be great to follow the event with tea and cake, so if you're a baker please do bring something with you to share.

The event will be led by Sunetri and Tejasvini and will be held both in person and streamed on Youtube.

Please book below to attend in person.

The link for the Youtube stream can be found here.

If you are unable to attend the event in person and would like to send us cards/gifts we will make sure that they receive them on the night.

Led By: 
Sunetri and Tejasvini (Who We Are)
Suitable For: 
Cambridge Buddhist Centre and Online
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