Beginners 2: Yoga with Somatic Techniques with Shuddhasara

Monday 20th Apr 2020 to Monday 22nd Jun 2020 - 5.45pm to 7.30pm

Suitable for those with a minimum of six months to one year's experience of yoga.

Half term break: 8 - 12 June

In Shuddhasara’s current yoga courses she has been integrating the 2 concurrent trainings of Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga and Myofascial Anatomy Trains in Motion as they relate to and enhance yoga practices and improved well being.

Breath led and Gravity fed

The Sensory Awareness Training (Tias Little, Prajna Yoga) is a method to improve sensing and feeling in the body by using the inherent intelligence of the body. Done in mostly supine (on the back) or prone (on the stomach) positions “out of gravity”. The movements are soft, slow and small utilising gliding and sliding and gentle rocking movements on blanket covered mats with a curious and attentive mind. This method moves patterns of resistance (we all have them) that may be the source of strain and pain and unhelpful postural patterns in the body. The pulsatory rhythms uses the breath and gravity to hydrate the myofascial tissues, activate the 7 diaphragms and myofascial meridians to improve fascial glide in connective tissue improving the health of the fascia, muscles and joints. It improves connective tissue cohesiveness, cellular metabolism, glandular secretions, visceral function, and neurological activity and plasticity.

We then build strength, plasticity and resilience in the myofascial tissues and meridians using sensory balls, resistance bands, and exercises as outlined in the Art of Motion (the work of Karin Gurtner as developed with Tom Myers) to inform our approach and practice yoga asanas (postures).

These practices are, like in any training, progressive in nature. Moving from introductory to increasingly complex and challenging. If you are unfamiliar with Sensory Awareness Training starting with a Beginners course will introduce you to the practices, and you will be able to then move on to Intermediate!

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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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