Yatra Retreat - Peddars Way

Friday 8th May 2020 to Saturday 16th May 2020

Come and join us as we walk the ancient route of the Peddar’s Way taking inspiration for our rituals and meditations from poetry and the beauty of nature.

We will also be drawing experiential wisdom from Sangharakshita's book ‘Wisdom Beyond Words’ (which he wrote at Castle Acre on Peddars Way).

A Yatra is a spiritual journey or pilgimage. The Buddha's followers were 'Yatrikas', or wanderers and so we will be evoking the way of life of the very earliest Buddhists - but "upon England's green and pleasant land."

Connecting with each other as a journeying Sangha and with the sacred landscape we will walk in silent meditation from the Forest to the Sea.

We will walk at a gentle pace with plenty of breaks, when we can talk , share poetry or reflections if we so wish.

Each evening we will pitch camp at a new place by the Peddars Way and enjoy a nourishing and tasty meal together prepared by our great Sherpa Team.

We will have sitting meditations in the evenings and mornings and also puja and other rituals at various times along the way.

Fuller details will be sent two weeks before the retreat.

It is also possible to book for the weekend option.

For any other information or enquiries please do email suryamanilayton@gmail.com

Please bring all camping and walking gear.

Led By: 
Suryamani and Team
Suitable For: 
Peddars Way
How To Book: 
Advance payment required
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