Playing with abstraction

Saturday 16th Mar 2019 to Sunday 28th Apr 2019 - 10.00am to 1.00pm

An exhibition of paintings by Vidyasiddhi/Peter Hunt.

Why abstraction? It is a movement towards the freedom I yearn for, to be unfettered from pre-determined ideas, to release myself more and more. It is an attempt to be fearless, to try the ‘mad’ thing, to let go into impulse, energy and intuition. It is freeing, it is play, and fun.

Taking risks with the result frees me to be myself, allows something to arise that I can’t conceive of, yet. This is played out in making marks on a surface, it is a kind of magic. The act of not minding too much what will happen allows anything to happen. And what applies to painting also applies to me. I can be anything, as yet un-conceived, un-imagined.

I don’t know what I can become.

'Meet the Artist’ Cambridge Catalyst evening - Saturday 13 April - 7.30 to 9.00pm with a talk by Vidyasiddhi at 8.00pm

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