Training for life in the Order

Saturday 23rd Feb 2019 - 10.00am to 1.00pm

A morning bringing in to focus your preparation for life in the Order.

Sangharakshita has talked of the spiritual life really starting when it's not just about you; with the practice of kalyana Mitrata. This could be quite undramatic; we know from our own experience what and who has benefitted us in our spiritual lives . Preparing for life in the order therefore involves: Befriending others - "what me?"

We will be hearing from 2 order members recently ordained giving short talks on this title Befriending others "What me?" The will be talking about their process of starting to take responsibility in this way - and in what way this is the 'starting of their spiritual life'. They will be talking therefore about the period of their preparation for life in the order and perhaps afterwards too.

During the event, we will be holding a puja dedicated to both Alex and Archie, to acknowledge that they have recently asked for ordination. We would be pleased if those men in Cambridge, who are currently training for ordination, can come along to mark this significant occasion.

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Arthasiddhi (Who We Are)
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For men who have asked for ordination
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There is no charge for this event. However the centre does depend on donations and we would be grateful for any donation you can make. A suggested amount would be between £8 - £12.