Learn to Meditate: Part 2

Monday 7th Jan 2019 to Monday 11th Feb 2019 - 7.15pm to 9.45pm

Explore meditation further and learn how to build a firm foundation for your practice. Six evenings following on from Module 1.

Meditation 2 can be taken immediately after Meditation 1 to help establish a regular meditation practice and can also be used by those who already have a regular practice to provide inspiration and to develop their practice and take it deeper.

It explores topics such as preparing for meditation, balancing being active and receptive, developing both focus and a broad awareness, and recognising difficulties and opportunities, and working with them. It includes an investigation into Buddhist models of working with the mind, such as the hindrances and factors of absorption.

The course aims to help you to know yourself better and develop more wisdom and compassion as well as deeper concentration.

Participants are provided with meditation diaries and handouts covering the main content of the course.

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