The Way of Wisdom: Non-residential Weekend

Friday 28th Dec 2018 to Sunday 30th Dec 2018 - 7.30pm to 1.00pm

This is an opportunity to have a more intense retreat-like experience without having to leave home. Book before Dec 21st.

Buddhism is spoken of as a Path of ethics, meditation and wisdom.We are all familiar with how to practise ethics and meditation,but perhaps less familiar with the practise of wisdom. This weekend we will be engaging in the Wisdom practice of hearing, reflecting and meditating.

The weekend will begin on Friday evening at 7.30pm with an introduction and meditation and ritual.

We will resume on Saturday morning at 8:00am and go right through until 8.30pm - with breaks for meals of course!

Sundays programme will be from 8:00am until 1pm.

Breakfast will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday evening meal will also be provided.
You are requested to bring vegan or vegetarian lunch to share.

Please book in advance (we need to know numbers for catering). Book before December 21st.
Bookings are only accepted for the whole weekend.

Important: the diet is vegetarian/vegan, and the recipes are planned and the food is bought in advance. If you have a food allergy or medical condition requiring a special diet, please email us the details on receipt of your booking confirmation. Its best also to check with the organizer when you arrive.

If you need to arrive slightly late or leave before the end, please consult with the retreat leader now.

Lost property: if you leave something behind, it is important that you talk with the Buddhist Centre first and not the retreat venue.

Retreats are a special event where people enjoy coming together and support one another to practice the Dharma. While every care will be given to all those attending, the Cambridge Buddhist Centre cannot be responsible for the loss of personal possessions, nor look after you appropriately if you fail to disclose important information about your health. If in doubt please consult us now.

Please Note: 
Please bring vegetarian food for Saturday lunch
Led By: 
Ratnaghosha,Vidyasakhi (Who We Are)
Suitable For: 
before December 21st
Spaces Available: