Non-Residential Weekend Retreat: Living with Kindness

Friday 28th Jun 2019 to Sunday 30th Jun 2019 - 7.30pm to 12.30pm

An opportunity to practise living with kindness with a view to achieving freedom of heart and liberation from narrow self concern.

Buddhism teaches us that the root cause of all our suffering and difficulty is our habitual grasping at things to reinforce a fixed sense of self. On this retreat we'll be engaging in practices which ever so gently, but very effectively, enable you to loosen that habitual grasp, taking you towards real benefit, real happiness and a more intimate understanding of the way things really are.

The programme will include meditation, periods of silence, devotional practices and sharing our experience in small groups.

Breakfast will be provided on Saturday and Sunday and an evening meal on Saturday.

Friday evening from 7.30 pm, all day Saturday from 8am and Sunday 8am - 12.30pm.

Please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share for lunch on Saturday.

Please book in advance (we need to know numbers for catering). Bookings are only accepted for the whole weekend. Important: the diet is vegan, and the recipes are planned and the food bought in advance. If you have a food allergy or medical condition requiring a special diet, please let us know. Its best also to check with the organiser when you arrive. If you need to arrive slightly late or leave before the end, please consult contact us.

Retreats are a special event where people enjoy coming together and support one another to practice the Dharma. While every care will be given to all those attending, the Cambridge Buddhist Centre cannot be responsible for the loss of personal possessions, nor look after you appropriately if you fail to disclose important information about your health. If in doubt please consult us now.

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