The Art of Dreaming

Saturday 12th Nov 2022 - 10.00am to 4.30pm

The Art of Dreaming with Arthabandhu

The workshop is being led by Arthabandhu, who has a special interest in dreams and their role in Dharma practice. Arthabandhu has explored Lucid dreaming, Buddhist Dream Yoga practices, and Dreams as understood in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Bringing these elements together, Arthabandhu has devised this workshop to help participants deepen their own connection with dreams in ways that lead to deeper self-knowledge and a richer, more creative life both in the dream world and the waking state.

The workshop is accessible to all levels of experience whether you recall your dreams or not. If you've done a workshop with me before it is still worth coming again! This one will go into new material and there will be a chance to explore how your dream journeys have been going since we last met.

Among other things we will look at:

- Practical ways we can develop a rich dreamlife

- What the Buddhist tradition has to say about dreams

- The benefits of bringing mindfulness and loving-kindness into our dreams

- And how all this can benefit us during the waking state too

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Arthabandhu (Who We Are)
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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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