Dharma Day: The Dharma as a Personal Invitation

Sunday 14th Jul 2019 - 9.00am to 5.00pm

Dharma Day is a celebration of the Enlightened State communicating itself.

This is the blue jewel in The Three Jewels. Shakyamuni Buddha (the Buddha of our time) first communicated the Dharma to the five ascetics in the Deer Park, 2500 years ago. The first turning of the Wheel of the Dharma. He taught what we now call The Four Noble Truths and The Noble Eight-fold Path.

This year’s Dharma Day is a personal invitation to the whole sangha to celebrate this great event. Please come and join our collective meditation, discussion, workshop, friendship, Dharma worship, mantra chanting, readings and joy.

We invite you to bring an offering which expresses the personal invitation the Dharma presented to you.

Please join us for all or part of the day.


9am Order Sadhana (for Order Members), followed by mantra chanting. Led by Jinamati

10am Introduction to the day, followed by Sangha meditation.* Led by Saddharaja

11.40am Tea break

11am ‘The Enlightened One Speaks’ talk* from Saddharaja

12pm Discussion groups with facilitators

1pm Lunch (please bring vegetarian/vegan food to share)

2pm ‘Offerings to the Dharma: Everything Belongs’. Inclusive meditation, workshop and mini-puja. All welcome. Led by the Families Sangha and Amarachandra in the Lower Shrine Room.

3.30pm Dharma Day puja.* Led by Jinamati

5pm Finish and clear up

*The quiet and meditative nature of these events, with sometimes long periods of silence, mean they are not suitable for children to attend.

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