Sangha Night: Transforming Livelihood (Hybrid)

Tuesday 31st May 2022 - 7.15pm to 9.30pm

What Spiritual Community has to Offer the World - Transforming Livelihood

From the beginning the Buddha saw a new world, not a utopia, he saw this world as it had never been seen before. From this vision a Sangha or 'spiritual community' blossomed, carrying within it the ideal of human enlightenment through the generations.

Like a great river flowing down from the Buddha that matures and enriches cultures and civilisations, sustaining individual practice - now gradual, now decisive - it changes and influences positively the worlds through which it flows.

What course is this influence to take in today's more complex world and how do we activate its transformative impact in our own lives?

Tonight we will be hearing two personal talks from Vimalabandhu and Joe Christopher on the theme of 'Transforming Livelihood'.

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