Triratna Earth Sangha - The Burning House (In-person)

Saturday 28th May 2022 - 10.00am to 1.00pm

A day of practice organised by the Triratna Earth Sangha on the last Saturday of every month.

Shantigarbha, Buddhist activist, mediator, author, and co-founder of the Triratna Earth Sangha, launches his new book, The Burning House: A Buddhist Response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Shantigarbha suggests that the climate and ecological emergency is Buddhist ‘business‘ and no one gets to sit this one out.

Watch an an interview with Shantigarbha.

This is a series of events organised on the last Saturday of the month by the Triratna Earth Sangha, an initiative by Order Members, mitras and friends whose practice centres on ameliorating the harm caused by the climate and ecological crises.

The aim is to provide a safe and supportive context for exploring these issues from a Buddhist perspective. These public meetings aim to be informative, empowering and inspiring - both a call to action and a chance to replenish our connection with ourselves, the Sangha and our deepest values.

The mornings involve meditation, a talk, a Q&A, group discussions and a chance to report-in on actions around climate and ecological harm.

In the afternoon, the Big Sit will again take place at the junction of Burleigh and Fitzroy Streets from 2-3pm.

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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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