Sangha Night: The Future of Global Buddhism

Tuesday 2nd Nov 2021 - 7.15pm to 9.30pm

Buddhism Radically Changing Society - Dr Ambedkar and the Future of Global Buddhism

Dr Ambedkar is becoming increasingly well known outside of India because of his work to transform Indian society and uplift the most marginalised. He did this through political, legal and economic means, including drafting the Indian constitution after Indian independence. The Indian constitution is based on the values of ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’, values Dr Ambedkar said he derived not from the French Revolution, but from ‘my master the Buddha’.

What is also of significance to Buddhists is that as a man with a real feel for the spiritual life, he provides an inspiring example of someone who believed that Buddhism itself can provide a positive force for good in society.

On the final night of our series, Saddharaja will be with us to explore the 'Dhamma revolution' that Dr Ambedkar helped to start in India and it's significance for Buddhists across the entire world.

To access Sangha Night on Zoom you can click thislink. Please try to arrive at 7.05pm so that we can start promptly at 7.15pm.

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