Padmasambhava Day - Agent of Change (In-person)

Sunday 19th Sep 2021 - 10.00am to 4.15pm

Padmasambhava Day - Agent of Change

A festival day involving ritual, chanting, meditation, talks, creative workshops and small group discussion to honour the great transformative guru, Padmasambhava.

We're also inviting people to bring any images or rupas they have of Padmasambhava with you on the day to be placed in the shrine room.


8.30-9.30am - Open meditation for Order Members (led by Akashasiddhi)

9.30am - Doors open

10.00-11.00am - Introduction to the day, ritual and meditation (led by Padmajata)

11.00-11.30am - Tea break

11.30-12.30pm - 3 short personal talks on 'Padmasambhava and Change' by Dayanita, Ghosaka and Akashasiddhi, followed by discussion groups on the themes

12.30-1.00pm - Ritual and meditation on Padmasambhava Garland of Skulls led by Dayanita

1.00-2.15pm - Lunch (please bring your own vegan/vegetarian lunch)

2.15-3.00pm - Choice of:

Creative origami workshop: learn how to fold a selection of lotuses, or fold your own in a meditative environment. We'll use the lotuses as offerings for the puja (or you can take them home for your own shrine) - led by a GFR group


Join a led visualisation of Padmasambhava (led by Padmavasini)

3.00-3.15pm - Tea break

3.15-4.15pm - Festive Padmasambhava Puja (led by Padmajata)

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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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Not necessary