Buddha Day - Touching the Earth

Sunday 30th Apr 2023 - 10.00am to 4.30pm

Buddha Day - Touching the Earth

Buddha Day - Touching the Earth

The Buddha was a great spiritual practitioner and teacher. But he also engaged deeply with both the natural world and his society. He touched the Earth at the moment of his Enlightenment. He talked to kings, ministers and murderers — and debated publicly with Brahmins to challenge the caste system.

Reflecting on major events from the Buddha’s life, this Buddha Day we will celebrate and take inspiration from the Buddha’s spiritual breakthrough. With input from members of Triratna Earth Sangha (Cambridge), we will explore how his insight informed the many ways he engaged with the world

10.00 Welcome and Meditation For All

10.45 Three short Dharma talks, followed by discussion groups - using major events in the Buddha’s life to highlight his radical engagement with the world (will include a tea break!)

12.50 Lunch (please bring vegetarian lunch to share)

14.00 Reflective Activity & Children’s Activity (in the Lower Shrine Room)

15.00 Tea Break

15.20 Mitra Ceremony & Celtic Puja (which will include children making offerings to the Buddha).

16.30 End

The day will include the Mitra ceremony of - Maria Fox

Join us for some Family Friendly Activities to celebrate Buddha Day between 2.00 and 3.00 in the lower shrine room. It would be very helpful if you would contact me, Anantamati on janlosborne@yahoo.co.uk and let her know if you are intending to bring a child/ children. She’d love to know their names and ages and any other information that you would like to share about them so that she can prepare accordingly.

Please note it is the Centre's policy for parents to accompany their children.

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Sarvajit, Yogaratna, Anantamati, Ahimsaka and Sanghajata
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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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