Sangha Night: Breaking the Fetter of Habit

Tuesday 10th Mar 2020 - 7.15pm to 9.45pm

the Taste of Freedom (Part 4)

"Just as the mighty ocean has but one taste,
the taste of salt,
so too has my teaching but one taste:
the taste of freedom."

This is how the Buddha himself described Buddhism. But what is freedom?

Is it something we get from politicians, a fast car or a big bank account? Or is it something we have to seek within ourselves?

In this six-part Sangha Night theme we'll be exploring how freedom is won when we make the effort to untie the knots of habit, superficiality and vagueness that sap our energy, block our creativity and waste our true potential.

In part four of our Taste of Freedom theme Kulapirya will taking us into the first fetter, the fetter of habit, and how the habit of seeing ourselves as a fixed and separate self holds us back from true freedom.

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£5 - £10
Led By: 
Kulapriya and Team
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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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