People of Colour Morning

Saturday 27th Jul 2024 - 11.00am to 1.00pm

Cultivating Racial Consciousness: Nurturing the Seeds of Awareness

What racial differences impose on our minds and bodies as individuals and collectively as a society is complex. The challenge is often to remain coherent in our thinking and meaning-making, and often, there is a feeling of being under-resourced to stay with the process. As Buddhists and mindfulness practitioners, we know that the thinking mind is not as transformative as awareness, so does mindfulness have something to offer when resourcing ourselves in this area?

Join Eugene Ellis, a psychotherapist, GFR Mitra within the Triratna Buddhist Community, and author, as he is interviewed about his new book, Transforming Race Conversations: A Healing Guide For Us All. There will also be meditation and time for Q&A's or discussion groups around this thought-provoking topic.

There is also the invitation to stay for lunch and socialise. If you do decide to stay it would be great if you could bring something vegetarian or vegan to share.

Who is this event for?

Our People of Colour events are spaces for people who come from diverse backgrounds and who share similar lived experiences. These include the identities of: Black, Indigenous and people of colour, inclusive of Asian, South East Asian, Latinx, Arab / Middle Eastern, biracial, mixed heritage, and multiracial.

Please Note: 
Please bring vegan lunch to share.
Suitable For: 
Cambridge Buddhist Centre
How To Book: 
Not necessary