Order Member Study Day

Saturday 28th Oct 2023 - 10.00am to 5.00pm

Order Member Study Day Event with Paramatha

"Whenever I read the text I would be thrown into a kind of ecstasy.” Urgyen Sangharakshita The Rainbow Road

The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, [Huineng], is a central text of Zen (in China known as Chan), a school of Buddhism based on the powerful claim that enlightenment can only be attained through a flash of direct, intuitive understanding. As well as being an (if not the) seminal scripture of the Chan/Zen tradition it also has a significant place in our own tradition.

In the early years of the Second World War, Bhante discovered, in John Watkins bookshop, a copy of the first English translation of the Platform Sutra by Wong Mou-Lam. It was this text, along with the Diamond Sutra, that led Sangharakshita not only to realise that he was a Buddhist but that he had, in fact, always been one.

Paramartha will lead a study on Chapter 1 of the Platform Sutra - the story of Huineng’s life and awakening. Reference will be made to both Bhante’s 1975 seminar on the Sutra of Huineng as well as Paramartha’s personal notes from a study he did with Bhante in the late 1980s.

Please bring lunch to share on the day

This is an event for Order Members

Led By: 
Paramartha (Who We Are)
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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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