Nonviolent Communication with Mindfulness Weekend

Saturday 21st Mar 2020 to Sunday 22nd Mar 2020 - 10.00am to 5.00pm

A weekend exploring Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with Mindfulness

Suitable for newcomers as well as people already familiar with NVC. We'll be exploring our own communication and life through blend of input, interactive activities and role-plays. There will be plenty of space in which to be heard and/or to offer your emphatic ear.

Sinhaketu has been practicing NVC for over 15 years and sharing this vision across a diverse spectrum of communities.

Having met Marshall Rosenberg, founder, and been humiliated around the extent of his
communication abilities he was, in his own words ‘I was truly delighted and devastated! Here was an approach that went way beyond technique, taking me into the heart and core-essence of relationship and relatedness. It was a relief and a joy to find in my grasp a means of communicating that I could rely on, that left me feeling totally authentic and connected, helping to guide me through any people or relationship issue – with confidence.

Sinhaketu’s approach is framed in over three decades of Mindfulness practice which means he offers NVC in such a way that is more embodied and grounded. He believes that coming from this more connected and embodied place when sharing our truth or receiving another’s means we are not held hostage to mere techniquism by going through the NVC stages, but is founded upon authentic being as a primary foundation upon all understanding and practice.

Here are some of the things you might expect to take a way with you as a result of the NVC weekend:

• Enjoy a greater sense of meaning and connection
• Invite more depth and relationship in your mindfulness/meditation practice
• Have a deeper understanding and competence around the speech precepts
• Respond to others where you can really hear and be heard for real connection
• Be resourced to handle difficult conversations
• Reduce conflict and stress and develop more wellbeing and ease
• Improve and deepen your relationships
• Give and receive meaningful feedback more easily and confidently

Sinhaketu is a certified NVC trainer, Mindfulness Teacher and Focusing Teacher with BFA.

Please bring a vegetarian/vegan lunch to share on both days.

Both days will start at 10am and finish at 5pm.

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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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Advance payment required
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