Life with Full Attention

Thursday 16th Feb 2023 to Thursday 6th Apr 2023 - 7.15pm to 9.30pm

Living mindfully is more crucial than ever, as we face a collective crisis in which life is both more vital and more challenging.

In this eight-week Buddhist mindfulness course, we'll be exploring how we can pay closer attention to our experiences. Each week, we'll introduce a different aspect of mindfulness – such as awareness of the body, feelings, thoughts and the environment – and recommend a number of easy practices; from trying out a simple meditation to reading a poem.

You'll also be part of a home group where you'll have the opportunity to talk about your experience each week.

Watch a video of Penny, talking about what the course meant to her:

The book Life with Full Attention, written by experienced Buddhist teacher and poet Maitreyabandhu, will be our guide to daily practice. You will need to buy a copy for the course, which you can do in person at the Centre or you can buy it online from Windhorse Publications (sign up for a free membership account to get 10% off all orders).

Please be aware that none of the classes/events run by the Cambridge Buddhist Centre is aimed at under 18 year olds. All under 18 year olds must be accompanied by their parent or another responsible adult over the age of 18 (with their parent's permission). Please contact us in advance of attending contact so we can assess how suitable the event is for the young person.

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