Saturday Afternoon Yoga Course with Jesse Ng

Saturday 29th Apr 2023 to Saturday 27th May 2023 - 4.00pm to 5.30pm

A new yoga course on a Saturday afternoon, open to all, led by Jesse Ng.

Suitable for complete beginners and intermediate level practitioners, this course will give an overview of the major styles of yoga commonly found in studios today, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Detox. Variations and modifications to asanas (poses) will be introduced for each student to enter and deepen their practice at their own level and pace. Topics include various asanas (poses) for improving flexibility, strength, and balance, specific breathwork necessary to enter each pose correctly, pranayama (breathing techniques), bandha (energy locks), mudra (energy seals), kriya (cleansing techniques), knowledge of the chakras (energy wheels) and meditation. This course teaches yoga as a spiritual practice. Students are advised not to take the physical practice as a competition but as a journey to appreciate themselves more on their paths to achieving body-mind-spirit union and equanimity.

Jesse is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher trained in Andiappan yoga, a school from India dedicated to authentic yoga traditions. Learn more about her at

Led By: 
Cambridge Buddhist Centre
How To Book: 
Advance payment required
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